Now we're changing to Android. Free fun games for your phone. But don't worry, the older Java 3D games are still here.


Play the classic strategy game. Flip over your opponent's pieces to take over the board. With five skill levels and 3D animation!

This is similar to the trademarked game of Othello, but it has the option of having different starting positions. See if you can beat the global high score.

Jigsaw Cube

Design a photo cube from your pictures. Load it into our android app and play with it like a Rubik's cube.

Comes with several built-in pictures, as well as a traditional colored cube.

On the phone you can touch outside of the cube to rotate the whole thing, or touch and drag an individual layer.

Tic Tac Toe 3D

Tic Tac Toe 3D, a challenging 3D puzzle game. Play the computer or against your friends.

Comes in three styles: planets, noughts and crosses, spheres.

Try to get four in a row.

Five difficulty levels. Best on a large-screened android device.


You might also like Smoodle a free, fun little drawing program.

Whatever you draw is reflected, so your pictures are in perfect symmetry.

Game of Castles

Build castles to control the kingdom. This is an updated version of Fortress, the classic game of skill and strategy.


Great graphics with Conway's cellular automata.

Nothing much to do here. Just sit back and watch life evolve.

Simple rules lead to complex patterns and life-like structures.

If life gets boring, play god by touching the screen to start things up again.

Air Hockey

Air Hockey is a free, fun, arcade game.

Play against your friends or against the computer (press the back button and choose).

Have fun with this one.