The Fun Games Organization!

We are busy developing a series of games for the internet.

Our first game is now available, in true 3D! Put on your 3D (red/green) glasses and visit the Pyramid. Change the color of each square to complete a level.

 The keys to move are:

k l
, .

NOW WITH SOUND!!! try the Red/Green, 2D or Stereoscopic versions.

Because this games uses some of the latest 3D graphics techniques, you need to download a plug-in and a run-time 3D graphics library from Sun Microsystems so that you can play. See for more information on the technology.

If you don't have any 3D glasses yet, visit our two-dimensional version and start playing. If you have a stereoscope, you can see the game in full-color stereo 3D.

Try our new free online boardgame at